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Terms and Conditions

Thank you for using our products and services. Please read this agreement carefully. Our services are committed to privacy, and we utilize a safe system to deliver your products. When you buy from SocialBuddy.uk, you are required to accept and agree to all the terms and conditions. The materials that constitute this website are secured by copyright and laws. If you want to use this website, there is a need to accept these terms of use. If you disagree with these terms, you will be unable to use this website.

Make your Profile Public

Make your account public before placing an order, We will be unable to provide services to customers with private accounts. If you don’t set your account public, in this case, SocialBuddy is not answerable for any trouble caused to you. The customer will not be permitted a refund or chargeback. We only require your account to be public for the time being during the process. You can turn back your account to private after the accomplishment of the process.

Age Limit

By using this site, SocialBuddy.uk, you must warrant that you are at least 18 years of age. If you are under 18 and are at least 13 you may utilize this site under the guidance of a parent or legal guardian. Your age should be over 13 years to agree to our terms and to buy our services.

Money Refund Policy

You can reach to our support team if you want a refund. All transactions are refundable if you have a serious and severe problem. Our customer service team will reach back to you within 24 hours.


You have to accept and agree to all the terms & conditions before buying our services. You can rest guaranteed that we warranty your satisfaction and try our best to keep quality.

We will not be accountable for any kind of loss that may occur.

We try to deliver the services to our customers on time. But in case our system experiences any issue, our delivery process may take some time.


You have bought our services at your own risk, and we are not answerable for any issues. You must be bound by the terms of the agreement without holding us answerable for any outcome.  SocialBuddy is not responsible for any type of losses or damages of any kind that might arise while using this site.

Confidential Information

Before you place an order on our website, keep these notes in mind. The information you sent to the website while the process will be taken as non-confidential. Your information will only be used to give you the services you have bought. We also utilize your information to send you upcoming promotions, coupons, and information. SocialBuddy never sells your information to anyone. Furthermore, We use your collected information to increase and improve our services. SocialBuddy.uk uses the given data to send emails and process transactions.


SocialBuddy does not guarantee or confirm that the substance on this website is accurate, complete, or current. The website may have technical, typing, or photographic errors. We can potentially change the materials that create the website at any time without having informed customers previously, it must be noted that an update on the information isn’t indicated and that SocialBuddy has made no responsibility to regularly change it.

Don’t Purchase From Others

While you buy any of our services from SocialBuddy.uk, make sure that your order from other service providers is completed. You should purchase from only one company at a time. Don’t buy from two companies at the same time. Usually, we get some complaints about this. In these states, the customers are already using services from other providers already. Therefore, it’s not recommended to place orders from two different sites at the same time.

Don’t change your username

Changing your profile name means you are blocking the access point of your account for the public and for our company as well. If you change your username during the process, it may cause problems for both. If you change your username, you will be unable to get our services.

Placing an order with SocialBuddy

All purchases are delivered in a short time after payment.

Orders take less than 24 hours after payment to accomplish completely.

Immediately after making payment, you’re covered by SocialBuddy in the 30-day refunds policy.

As SocialBuddy only gives service that requires no physical delivery, there are no international/national export fees involved.

If you’re asking for a refund, or have any issues in regards to our service or your order, please view the “payments and refunds policy section”

Social Media Accounts

SocialBuddy is not responsible for any damage/loss of videos, social media accounts, and/or any other information during or after your order is delivered. Please note that you are using our site at your own risk.

Website use and copyright

Permission from SocialBuddy must be given before any content or images may be used by anyone else. Everything belongs to SocialBuddy.uk and any 3rd parties that have gained permission.

Personal information

We take information from our customers in a variety of ways

When you get registered on the website

When you place an order

While filling out forms

When you respond to a survey

You will have to give some crucial information that includes name, phone number, email address, and card information.

Privacy Policy

Privacy and Security Policy

The company may keep the personal information of its customers.

The SocialBuddy.uk website is encrypted through a fully secure SSL.

Membership: We may keep information like your username, firm information, phone number, and email address. SocialBuddy does not save any of your card details.

Your Card details and payments methods are processed by our payment system provider.

Errors: If any error happens in our services, we can use your email and phone number to inform you about it. Your account details are safely stored in our system through encryption.

Partnership: It is possible that we can share your communication data for statistics and surveys in order to develop a better business plan. Only our internal team can access your personal details.

Our systems are confined by IP address and many authorizations are required to access the system.

These authorizations are known only to our internal team.

If you would like to remove all of your details from our systems, please contact SocialBuddy with your email address that is connected with your order. So SocialBuddy can erase your details.

Buy Instagram Followers is required to electronically store receipts for reporting. If you have any issues, please contact Buy Instagram Followers, by viewing the “Contacting Buy Instagram Followers” section.

Email Security

You should not share your personal info and credit card information in emails. We don’t have a mail-order system. The customer’s email address protect according to our privacy policy.

Use of cookies

Our service and internet pages use cookies to upgrade themselves. Visitors should allow cookies to get better services. Cookies allow page owners to see how many visitors are on the page,

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