Frequently Asked Questions

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If you’re facing a problem with your order, please ensure that:

  • The user name is right
  • The user name is not changed
  • Allow order delivery for 24 hours
  • Set user name publicly

After this still, you are facing any issues with your order or have made a mistake, please do not hesitate to contact our customer care team.

If you face drops within the first 30-days of your purchase, we will happily refill your followers with a socialbuddy Refill guarantee.

From time to time, you may lose a small percentage of followers. This will cause the follower count to drop temporarily. Once you observe the slight drop, we will automatically fill up your account with followers.

Once you have placed an order, we immediately start processing your order. Due to the rapid speed of delivery, we are unable to undo the delivery.

Once you’ve completed your order, our systems will start monitoring your account once every 12 to 16 hours to check if there is a drop-in service on your account. Once we’ve detected a service change, we’ll start refilling your account with the service you’ve lost.

Absolutely! Your information is kept confidential, and nothing is required from your side except your username. No password is required; you don’t need to be worried about your personal information.

Yes, we give verified service. There are some official requirements. They require eight articles on your business website or blog, a verification fee and a review time of up to 8 weeks.

You will start receiving service within a short period of time (2hr to 3hr) after completing your order. It won’t take much time to place your order.

Our first priority is the satisfaction of our customers. If you are not satisfied with our services and didn’t get what you expected, you will get your full money back. Feel free to contact us anytime; please go through our refund policy mentioned on the page if you want a refund.

Yes, we offer special services for businesses. You can purchase targeted niche-based services. The service can engage with your posts. You have to put an order for the exceptional services. The prices are a little bit higher than the standard packages.

Yes! You can choose multiple packages according to your requirements. If you have already bought a package, you can order again for more packages.

We are here to deliver your services effectively and efficiently. But if anything happens to you, reach out to our customer support services available for you 24/7 support.

  • If you are not sure about the facilities of other companies online, then you must make a purchase with SocialBuddy. We do not violate the rules, regulations, and policies. We try our best to facilitate our customers with facilities. We deliver your order just after placing an order. If the customer finds a problem, we are ready to help with a permanent solution.

Yes, we at SocialBuddy can provide you with gender-based service. All you need to do is to place a custom order for special services. Prices for these specific gender-based services is fixed mentioned on the page.

No. You will not see any decrease in service. If something similar to this happens, contact our 24/7 customer support to get help immediately. We will never affect your profile.

With our services, you increase the likelihood of your profile becoming more famous. However, there are a number of other variables that depend on your efforts that we have no control.

There is no need to worry; all of our service packages are a one-time fee. No further charges will be applied to your account.

You have to do nothing after placing your order. You have to wait for a few minutes to get your service and enjoy it on your profile.

We provide our customers with live 24/7 customer support. If you encounter any issue or difficulty, you can reach us with the knowledge that we will help you resolve any issue/query you may have.

No. we don’t take privacy concerns very seriously, and we will never ask you for it. Your peace of mind is one of our priorities, and we highly encourage you to never give your personal information, including passwords, to any third party.

To successfully send you services, our system must have access to your profile and only have that access if it is set to public.

You can reach us in two ways: by clicking the live chat feature found on the bottom right corner of the page, or, if we are unavailable via chat, you can fill out a contact form page.

We provide our clients with high quality and veritable service. In our years of perfecting our services, we have created a distinctive brand, method and marketing strategy to provide our customers with the best service at an excellent price without compromising the quality.

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