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Story views are a crucial element of an Instagram account. Stories have multiple features to share your content and engage with your audience on Instagram. To boost your account and have a flood of engagement on your content Buy Instagram story views from Socialbuddy.Select a package that you like and submit Order Now button

Instagram story feature has multiple functions, or we can say all under one roof. It allows you to upload a 15-second video on your story, and you can edit the video, add text, add your favourite song, and here we go. You can also upload pictures and can add music to your story. Instagram brings you an audience and great engagement when you put polls on your stories and ask questions. The often you do this activity, the more audience will engage with you.


Whoever made an account on Instagram wants to enjoy fame and popularity in public. But finding a trustable and reliable source isn't easy as many people are faking it. Socialbuddy is a platform giving you a chance to invest in your future with great benefits. We are here to help you with your account growth, maturation, and interaction with the public and of course, your digital presence matters to us.


Why buying Instagram story views is essential?

For the sake of developing your account, you have to Buy IG Story views. As Stories are the shortest and quickest source of updates, your followers can easily spot them whenever you update your stories. Even if you are not posting any content in your feed, you can still have engagement through your stories. Instagram stories are a rapid and instant source for achieving high reach and engagement. People regularly check stories of those they are following as it is the most convenient source to be updated. Get IG real story views from Socialbuddy and have a bunch of reach and engagement. 

Stories views are necessary because of:

  • Quick update
  • Maintaining your reach
  • Continuation of engagement
  • Random public reactions
  • Story re-sharing


Instagram Story views are beneficiaries - How do they work?

Having an account on Instagram with various purposes is what everyone does. Story views are vital for your growth as a small business, brand or blogger. Without having proper interaction on your account, you can't mature your account and content.


Quick interaction:

Stories are the quickest and most accessible source of interacting with your audience. Making stories for your Instagram account is easy; hence, buying Instagram story views is essential to making your stories meaningful and purposeful.


Staying active:

Instagram stories are helpful when you are not active on your account. However, you can upload a story once, twice, or thrice as an update. Story views will help you keep and maintain your reach and engagement and manage your views and reach, and you must buy Instagram story views from a sensible platform like Socialbuddy.


 Exposure of your account: 

IG story re-sharing is quite popular among Instagram users and a stable source of exposure for your account and content. When people re-share your story or tag you in their stories, it gives the public a chance for your account exposure; Moreover, it also provides a sense of security to the public. As a brand, you can make goodwill for your content and account by showing them the best side of yours through IG stories.


Arrange different activities:

Instagram stories are a crucial part of your reach and interaction on your account as you have many different activities on stories. You can add songs as background music, use filters for beautification, add text, and use stickers for excellent results. You can ask people to question you, and you can create polls and many other activities involving your followers and other public with you.


High reach and engagement:

Buy IG story views instantly and kick your reach and engagement for boost-up. Instagram stories are best for continuing and stabilizing your account reach and public interaction.


Support from influencers:


                 You can get help and support messages from your Instagram colleagues through stories. Furthermore, mentioning your account in their stories will flood your account with public interaction. Their audience will also come and check your content following you.


Better marketing goals:

Instagram has a significant role now a day sin e-commerce and digital marketing. You can avail this opportunity and use your stories to come over your marketing goals. You can take photos, can tag and also can use hashtags for more coverage from the public. However, this will benefit you if you have an ideal audience for your story views. So, purchase Ig story views and expand your marketing range and goals. 


Stories getting viral:

Stories with a significant number of views, tremendous engagement, and interaction on your content can go viral quickly. 


Expanding your market:

By buying Instagram story views, you have chances for your product or service expansion. Additionally, you can have a vast market range for your products by spreading your stories in different ways.


Choosing Socialbuddy is a wise decision

We are grateful to you for choosing us, trusting us, and believing us. We know how desperately you want to grow your account, and here are our sincere services:

 Skilled team

We have a skilled and professional team for the growth and management of the reach of your account. Our team properly guides you about buying Instagram story views, how they work, and you are getting them.


Analyze your account

Our team analyzes your account, and hence the team makes a plan to discuss it with you. 


Customer service

We have very friendly and professional customer care service. Our customer care services are 24/7 live, and you can contact us whenever you want t team to briefly explain how story views work and how you can buy. 


Cost management

Indeed Socialbuddy is popular because of its excellent prices. We do not cost you much as it is just a tiny investment for your account growth. 


Rapid delivery

Socialbuddy has excellent service in delivering your package. We rapidly and instantly deliver you views and have an automatic system of delivering your views; as soon as you pay us for your package, you start receiving your ordered views. 


Genuine and organic views

Socialbuddy uses real profiles and real accounts to deliver you Story views. Your reach and engagement are all vital for us. So we use organic views to deliver you to grow and boost your account.


How to buy Instagram Story views?

Socialbuddy has a straightforward method, and it is a three steps method:

  • Choose your required package of views.
  • Enter your account name.
  • For further details, pay your money, and here we go; you start receiving your story views in a few seconds.
Wondering How You Can Buy a Package?
We have a user-friendly three-step process to buy social media packages.

Choose suitable package

It is simple with Socialbuddy. Choose your required package from our wide range.


Enter Details

Insert required details such as account name and contact number. We don’t need a password.



Complete your transaction by choosing available options. You can pay via Paypal or card and check out. All the procedure is done, now wait for the results.

1. How do companies deliver Instagram views?
Every company has its ways of delivering views, and the simple one is delivering automatic views using manual instructions.
2. Should I trust reviews on this website?
Absolutely yes, you should trust the reviews on our site. We have worked hard to earn a credible reputation for our company and have been providing social media services for a long time. All the reviews are honest on the site, so you can trust them without having any doubt in your mind.
3. Is buying Instagram story views a scam?
No, buying Instagram views isn't a scam at all. Instagram Views work for you and boost up your video content. Hence, few people are in the market, creating a mess because of their poor services. So, to avoid such scams, you should hire someone trusted like socialbuddy. We deliver views from genuine and authentic profiles.
4. Is buying Instagram views legit?
Yes, it is a legal process as we don't violate Instagram's rules and terms. We don't use fake accounts or bots to deliver views on your videos. Because Instagram algorithms can delete views from your account, but with our genuine views, you will have a massive engagement with your content.
5. Can it violate the Instagram rules?
No, not at all; it doesn't break Instagram rules because we don't deliver bots. It will only create problems if you use any source for views that contains fake accounts.
6. What if my views decrease?
People also have concerns regarding their delivery of views. What will happen if the views from their videos start decreasing? Don't worry; we have the auto-refill option at your views start dropping, the auto-refill option delivers those views back.