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Instagram has immensely affected the e-commerce market; on the other hand, and it has become a splendid platform for digital creators and influencers. Before online shopping, people searched online platforms, and research showed that people use Instagram for suggestions and recommendations of products. Furthermore, bloggers and influencers have a significant impact on people’s life through Instagram.

For getting real Instagram auto views, Socialbuddy is the most reliable source. We provide real, organic and authentic views for your account reach and engagement sustainability. 


What are auto views?

Auto views are a little bit different from usual Instagram views. Auto views are already paid as the client chooses a package and pays for future views. As you post in your feed, you start getting views every time. Buying Instagram auto views can help you get rid of selecting a package from time to time and all the procedures you must complete every time you buy views. 

While on the other hand, Getting IG auto views is like a long-term investment in your account. You have to buy the views once, and you will have high reach and engagement on your content.


How do auto views help in your account evolution?

As you post in your Instagram feed, your videos get views through auto views. Your posts get rapid and instant views making your videos and content famous. As people see that a particular video is getting views quickly, they start wondering if there might be something special in the video. It makes fierce their curiosity, and in the end, they also come to watch your video and even share it on different platforms. 


Avail of these benefits by Purchasing IG auto views

You can get different advantages by buying Instagram auto views from Socialbuddy. 


Quick views:

As you have already paid to buy Instagram auto views, you get quick views on your videos. Besides this, whenever you post on Instagram, our system detects it and starts providing you views. The process is equally quick and efficient, increasing your views on your video content.


Audience increment: 

People will be curious about your content getting swift views when you start posting and getting views. They want to watch your videos to know what’s exceptional in them, increasing your audience.


Getting more followers:

Your videos are viewed by many people and as well as increasing your followers. To watch your videos, people visit your profile, and your content will make them stay there, ultimately increasing your followers.


Credible profile as a brand:

Because your videos have an immense quantity of views that are quickly increasing, as a brand, this creates a credible profile for your brand, and people have blinded trust in you. Your sales profit and goodwill will reach a peak, allowing you to explore opportunities more.


Rapid growth:

Buy IG auto views, get rid of dead reach, and experience wonders of rapid growth. For auto views, you don’t have to wait much as you post views start coming to your videos; furthermore, this process happens within seconds. Without getting help from experts, you cannot have growth and development on your account. You need to grow your account for your successful business as a small business or brand. Getting real and fast IG auto views is the most accessible, efficient and reliable source of your prosperous account.


Video sharing:

Purchasing Ig auto views not just increases your views and followers but also increases the video-sharing quantity. Many people visit your profile and watch your videos, and if you have high-quality and purposeful content, they will share your video on Instagram and different platforms.


Exploration of content:

Are you worried about low reach? Not getting enough engagement? Is your account stuck in some way? Is content coverage narrow? Not anymore because you have found a fantastic way to overcome all these issues, and yes, that is auto views. Get IG auto views from a trust-able source, and you can get rid of low coverage of content. Auto views will help bring more people to your account and increase your reach. Your posts can be found on your Instagram explore feed. This way, your content will be explored by many people.


Increasing profit:

Many people explore your content because of a tremendous quantity of auto views. People will re-share your videos, and it will also build goodwill for your brand. Your credibility enhances people’s trust and will become more solid on your brand. Undoubtedly, your product sales will increase, leading your profit upward.


Allure public:

When people see your video getting rapid and pretty enough views, it allures people to your account. People want to know more about you, and you can give them wonders by having great content with some unique layouts.


What we offer as a digital marketing company?

People are still very protective and conscious when they have to Buy IG auto views. Socialbuddy is a reliable , efficient, smart and easygoing source for you as we have top-notch services. 


Genuine profiles:

Socialbuddy care about your account, money and time. We know you are working hard and putting so much effort into your account development. Socialbuddy has real and authentic profiles that supply organic views to your videos. We use real accounts, so Instagram cannot restrict your account, and you can get help from Instagram.


Guaranteed account development:

We offer guaranteed account development, and if you are not receiving our services properly or there is any delay in our services, you can claim your money back. We know many companies out there giving fake views and bots, so that’s how we show our sincerity to you.


Automatic service:

We have an automatic service provider mechanism as you complete your payment method; our system detects it, and when you post something, it starts giving you views. 


Re-fill feature:

We care about your money, and our re-fill feature shows it properly that we are real and authentic. Our refill service will detect and fill that gap if your views start decreasing.


Smooth customer service:

Our customer service is based on clients’ help and facilities. We have 24/7 service; you don’t even have to care about time; you can contact us anytime. 


The procedure of buying Ig auto views

Here’s the procedure to purchase IG auto views  from our website:

  • Go to the website and click on your required section.
  • Find the best available package.
  • Enter your account name.
  • Complete your payment method.
  • Here we go towards a successful journey.


Recommended by Social Media celebrities

Socialbuddy is not a trusted marketing company, as we claim, but many famous bloggers and influencers have used our services. They recommend us as a trusted marketing company because we have served the best of us. Buying Instagram auto views is not an extraordinary or unusual act nowadays; it is pretty popular among digital celebrities internationally. 


Improving your digital presence

We care about your influence and digital presence; you need to boost your account to improve and have a solid presence. Socialbuddy offers you to buy IG auto views real and fast to improve your brand and influence. Boosting your account will also allow you to collaborate with different brands and bloggers.

Wondering How You Can Buy a Package?

We have a user-friendly three-step process to buy social media packages. 
Choose suitable package

It is simple with Socialbuddy. Choose your required package from our wide range.

Enter Details

Insert required details such as account name and contact number. We don’t need a password.


Complete your transaction by choosing available options. You can pay via Paypal or card and check out. All the procedure is done, now wait for the results.


Yes, we offer custom services too; if you want to have a package according to your requirement. You can give us details about which kind of package you want and we will provide it.

It is just a misleading statement and nothing else, as we have authentic and interactive profiles that view your videos, making them reach high and saving your spot on your Instagram Explore feed.

No, not.; there is no limit to how often you can buy auto views, and it depends on you; whenever you feel you need it, you must contact us.

Buying Instagram auto views is legal and proper because we don’t use bots or fake followers, and our likes are from genuine, interactive, active accounts.

Buying Instagram auto views is secure and safe as we don’t ask for your passwords and security details, and we do not even share those details with the third party you provided us.

We use verified, valid, and authentic payment methods. You can pay us through Visa, Paypal, Bank cards and bank accounts. These payment methods are internationally supported too.

Yes, you can spread your views over multiple videos from the same package.

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