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YouTube is the most excellent social media platform in the world. It is gaining new users every day around the world. YouTube views are crucial for your account, and it may play an important part to socialize your profile. To get fame in the growing social media, your account should be credible; views on YouTube videos are the best source to enhance your credibility. You can buy cheap YouTube views from SocialBuddy to increase your engagement with your audience. Buy YouTube views in the UK to publicize your post.Select a package that you like and submit Order Now button


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YouTube is the largest video-sharing platform for the modern age and the second-largest search engine after Google. Buy YouTube views, grow your channel, and increase your net income through YouTube advertisements with Socialbuddy.

Socialbuddy is a digital marketing company that has been serving for years now. Socialbuddy has a vast range of packages, whether you are a starter or a veteran. For a trusty, reliable and convenient source of Paid YouTube views, Socialbuddy is a perfect platform.

Socialbuddy offers you these services:


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Why are YouTube views a crucial measure?


YouTube is the most popular, visible, and trusted platform for searching and sharing videos online. People upload 100 hours of videos on YouTube per minute. 


YouTube has proved its crucial role for the students as YouTube has great storage of lectures for every field of study. Although hundreds or thousands of channels are there, finding the most relevant video isn’t possible without a views count, and people always go and watch those videos with more videos. 


Views determine the authenticity and validity of any video. Having a significant number of views on your video means people love your content, which is relevant to the topic.


YouTube video views kick back your watch time and push you towards the monetization process. 


A YouTube channel can’t grow, expand, monetize and authorize without having a particular number of video views.


Buy YouTube views and enjoy great exposure


Buying YouTube views isn’t a luxury act of promotion but a crucial task for your videos on YouTube. You must Buy YouTube views to expose and expand your channel and video views. You can enjoy the perks of Getting paid YouTube views through these benefits:


Stay forward of your rivals: 

                            In the digital era, you are not the only one using YouTube, but YouTube has a massive audience capability. You face intense and complicated competition and rivalry on YouTube. You have to stay ahead of your rivals to be more progressed and evolved. Buy YouTube views to stay ahead of your rivals by expanding your videos and audience. When there are more views on your videos, people automatically come to your channel rather than anyone else.


Web traffic audience: 

                 Buying YouTube views increases the count of views and is a great way to enhance several web traffic audiences. You can use your blog video link for more web traffic, and many viewers share your video link on different social media platforms. It is only possible if you are Purchasing YouTube views as they open a new gateway for the audience.


Expand your reach:

                        We all know how important the reach of video matters and becoming a part of trendy videos. A quick, instant, and worried-free way to increase your reach is only to Buy YouTube views. When you have an increasing number of views, your videos are automatically added to the trending topics, and people explore videos.


Enhance your online visibility:

                        Using a social media platform for specific purposes, you must enhance online visibility. You need to Buy YouTube views for your channel to make your online presence visible. Although you can use google ads, these advertisements are very dragging and poky. We know people do not even watch the full ads, skip and never take an interest in these ads. Thus this is not a suitable procedure for you. 

                      However, Buying YouTube views will form a solid and prominent online presence of yours in front of the public eye.


Optimization of your channel:

                       You have made a channel, and you need to optimise it too. Optimising your channel means YouTube recommends your videos to the public, and not only this, if people search about particular videos, your videos come at the top of the list. To optimise your channel and get the YouTube algorithm’s attention, buy YouTube views for videos. 


Positive impression:

                           Purchasing real YouTube views will assist you in the formation of a positive and valid impression. More views allure people to your account as people thought these videos must have something special. Their trust in you becomes intense as the views increase over time.


Targeted audience:

                          Getting organic YouTube views can also help you to explore more audiences. You can buy views from a specific region or group of people interested in your content. 


Increase your subscribers:

                             Buy YouTube views and increase your YouTube channel subscribers. When people see that your videos have significant views, they visit your channel and will subscribe to it. 


Buy views and monetize your channel

You need 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers to monetize your channel. YouTube counts a view if a person watches the video:


  • From their google account
  • Watch the complete video without skipping
  • Watch the video in high quality


  • Watch the video at a normal speed


These are the notable points to monetize your channel, and you can get 1k subscribers quickly but getting 4k hours of the watch is complicated because YouTube has strict rules and regulations related to the views. You can achieve these goals by Buying YouTube views. 


Why should you go for Socialbuddy to boost likes?


We have unique and attractive features that are beneficial for clients. 


Field expertise:

                             We have a team of skilled and field expertise that always do research before delivering you. They design such a technique that will be helpful for your channel. They constantly analyze your channel critically and then form a strategy to deliver your Paid YouTube views.



                         We have a very cost-effective package range of views. Furthermore, it becomes difficult for rookies to pay a sum of money, and we have resolved their problems by designing affordable packages. So buy YouTube views and grow your views count.


High quality or premium quality; You choose:

                     If you are talking about quality, then no one can defeat us. We have different qualities of view, distinguishing as High quality or premium quality.


Live Customer support:

                   You can benefit from our 24/7 live customer support system on our website. You can talk to our representative whenever you need to ask something about Buying YouTube views.


Security plan:

                    We have a solid security plan for your channel and data. 

Firstly no one can know that you are using our services.

Secondly, we care about your data, so we don’t even ask about passwords.

Thirdly, we don’t deliver fake or bots because YouTube algorithms will delete them. 


Globally serve:

               We serve worldwide, so you don’t have to worry about anything wherever you belong. We’ll serve you as you need our help.


Customize plans: 

            Yes! We support customization of packages too. You can give us your requirements and instructions, and we’ll help you form your required package. 


Authentic reviews:

             We have authentic and real reviews on our website; you can check and read them. These are from famous social celebrities who are using our services regularly. 


Ready to take the next step – choose your package


Here is a three-step procedure to buy YouTube views from Socialbuddy.

Firstly browse our different packages on the website so you can find a perfect and ideal package for yourself. We have a pretty massive range of packages concerning views and cost.

Secondly, enter your required information, such as your YouTube channel name and contact information. Except for these two, there is nothing we ask you.

Thirdly, last but not least is your payment. Pay us through your desired method like PayPal, VISA, bank accounts, and cards. All the methods are verified and internationally supported. Complete your transaction and check out; thus, you have done your part and started ours.


How can someone gain extra views?

Here are some tips and tricks to gain some extra views.

  • Promoting different re-owned brands’ products can also help you gain extra views and money.
  • Make trendy videos to highlight your video in the ocean of viewers.
  • Making high-quality videos are also necessary to come to the top.
  • Design enticing thumbnails and titles to allure people to your channel.
  • Post more videos on your channel at the start.
  • Choose trendy and exciting topics to make your YouTube videos. 
  • Embedded links in different blogs, sites, and social media posts can also increase your number of views.
  • Giveaways with conditions can also help you increase as you can add the condition of subscribing, commenting, and answering the question you asked in your video.

Wondering How You Can Buy a Package?

We have a user-friendly three-step process to buy social media packages. 
Choose suitable package

It is simple with Socialbuddy. Choose your required package from our wide range.

Enter Details

Insert required details such as account name and contact number. We don’t need a password.


Complete your transaction by choosing available options. You can pay via Paypal or card and check out. All the procedure is done, now wait for the results.


To increase your watch time and subscriber, you need to buy YouTube views. Because these two things further help you in monetization.

Yes! Exactly it is a higher views count that helps you to rank yourself. Higher views mean your reach is increasing, which is the best way to get support from YouTube algorithms.

You don’t have to wait long after completing your transaction as we offer instant delivery. We’ll deliver you views as soon as it is possible.

Of course, it is beneficial to buy YouTube views because we have genuine and authentic profiles to help your growth.

No, people would not know that you are using marketing services.

We also offer views from a particular region or gender-based views. You can avail of these services from Socialbuddy.

We provide 24/7 customer care service; you can contact us anytime and anywhere.

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