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A guide on how to buy Instagram views from Socialbuddy


Socialbuddy has a very flexible and user-friendly site interface as we want convenience for you. We have various packages so you can choose according to your desire and budget. It is a three steps procedure:


  • First, select your required package of likes.
  • Secondly, move forward to the details box, and enter your account name, G-mail, or phone number for contact purposes.
  • Third, pay through your desired payment method. We have all the verified and authentic payment modes, which are also supported internationally.

Instagram views, a modern need

Buying real IG views is not a trend following or luxurious act but a need for your business development and evaluation. Business trends are rapidly changing worldwide; hence, you must adopt the latest and specific ways. Instagram has proved itself as an effective platform for marketing and business.

You must buy Instagram views to make your Instagram trip booming and awe-inspiring. Videos have created a starling impact on people, which has elevated the grandness of views. It is self-evident that people would like to know and learn about the content with a significant number of views. It will make them think that if a lot of people are watching the video, it must have something catchy. Ultimately, they start watching it and sharing your content and account. 


Discard obstacles in your growth - Buy real IG views

Getting views on Instagram videos is the most complicated and time-consuming process if you are not using a proper source. Your account will become dead in reach, and there will not be any engagement; gradually, it becomes nothing but a hallow profile. 

Buy real IG views and discard all obstacles preventing your account from ontogeny. Socialbuddy saves you in such distorted circumstances and makes your account top in the Instagram recommendation. Most viral videos are discovered from the Explore feed of Instagram, which means having more views on your video content will make it viral and more people will come to you. All this leads your account to nourish and thrive reach and engagement.

Buying Instagram views will assist you in attaining


  • Viral content.
  • A tremendous quantity of people is visiting your profile.
  • More followers.
  • Goodwill for the brand.
  • Tremendous reach on videos. 



Socialbuddy- an expert in delivering IG views fast

 We understand your necessities and requirements as we know you want to expand your business and content. Although you are putting much effort and consuming your time but your growth process is prolonged. We have instant, rapid and abrupt service of delivering you likes; additionally, it reduces your efforts and time.

Here are the immediate and rapid benefits for you using Socialbuddy as your digital marketing company: 


  • Instant fame
  • Fast-growing brand
  • Getting more followers
  • Collaboration chances


Perks of using Socialbuddy to Buy Instagram views

Interactive profiles

Socialbuddy is a legit and authentic company that delivers real and organic views. After all, we use organic and active profiles for your views as these profiles are more authentic, interactive and participate in account activities. It would be best if you were careful while choosing the company because many fraudulent companies exist, and to be specific, they use bots and fake accounts. These bot and fake accounts add a number of views, but your reach will not increase, and your account will not flourish.  


Tremendous reach level

Take help from professionals and Buy real Instagram views from Socialbuddy. We understand your concerns and take measures to deliver you real and fast views. These views will take your reach from bottom to peak as they allure more people towards your content and account. Ultimately it will lead to more traffic to your account, causing a howling effect on your account reach. 


Privacy precautions

Socialbuddy is a favourable and trusted place for your Instagram account maturation. We took great care of your Instagram account and privacy; nothing is shared with a third party. Socialbuddy is a reliable source for buying paid IG views because we do not even ask for your passwords. We don’t access your account; rather than we ask for your account name and deliver you views.


Continuation of growth

Buying views for the Instagram account is not only a source of growth but also stabilizes your average reach and growth of the account, and it is an excellent source of the continued growth of your business and account. 


Popular among other users

Instagram is quite famous among bloggers, influencers and other Instagram users as we sincerely serve you to fulfil your dreams. We are a trusted source and recommended by a lot of users, and the proof is the reviews on our site. These reviews are genuine as our regular clients give them. 


24/7 customer service

We offer 24/7 customer service for the betterment of our clients. However, it is not only 24 hours service, but our customer care is popularly friendly with clients. We have a skilled and professional team which perfectly knows how to talk to our customers. 


Automatic delivery system

We have an automatic mechanism for delivering you Instagram views as we have an automatic system. As you pay us for your package of Instagram views, the automatic system detects it and starts delivering you views. Because of this, we deliver views pretty fast. 


Refill feature

Socialbuddy has a refill feature which is almost like a heavenly blessing. What does the refill do? The refill feature fills those gaps which happened in your views. For instance, you bought a package of 100 views, and the views somehow lessened after some time. In this situation, the refill feature delivers back views and will make them 100 again.

Tips and tricks for making your account more flourishing


Here are earnest and sincere pieces of advice which can help you to boost up your account:


  • Use slow mos for your video clips.
  • Use professional cameras for videography. 
  • Make an attractive and beauteous layout on your feed.
  • Use viral sounds, tracks and songs for background music.
  • Be careful while using music because it can be a copyright violation. So always use non-copy-right music. You can find such songs and music in the YouTube library.
  • Make trend videos and do challenges.
  • You can also give challenges to your followers. 
  • Update your followers daily, either through the story or feed posts.
  • Don’t make a massive gap between posting your content on your feed.
  • Use the relevant hashtags to avail more views. 
  • Also, tag those celebrities whom you get inspired to make videos.
  • Use the description wisely and add a relevant caption—an alluring and easygoing.
Wondering How You Can Buy a Package?
We have a user-friendly three-step process to buy social media packages.

Choose suitable package

It is simple with Socialbuddy. Choose your required package from our wide range.


Enter Details

Insert required details such as account name and contact number. We don’t need a password.



Complete your transaction by choosing available options. You can pay via Paypal or card and check out. All the procedure is done, now wait for the results.

1. Do you offer tailored services?
Yes, we offered tailored services too. You can tell us your requirement and specify our order, and we’ll complete it. Our clients are essential, and we work according to their instructions.
2. Is buying Instagram views against the rules?
It is just a misleading statement and nothing else, as we have authentic and interactive profiles that view your videos, making them reach high and saving your spot on your Instagram Explore feed.
3. Is there a limit to buying Instagram views?
No, absolutely not.; there is no limit to how often you can buy views, and it depends on you; whenever you feel you need it, you must contact us.
4. Is buying Instagram views legal way?
Yes, buying Instagram views is legal and proper because we don’t use bots or fake followers. Our likes are from real, interactive and active accounts.
5. Does buy Instagram likes secure?
Buying Instagram likes is totally secure and safe as we don’t ask for your passwords and security details, and we do not even share those details with the third party you provided us.
6. Which payment methods do you use?
We use verified valid, and authentic payment methods. You can pay us through Visa, Paypal, Bank cards and bank accounts. These payment methods are internationally supported too.
7. Can I spread my views over multiple videos?
Yes, you can spread your views over multiple videos from the same package. You have to write a note about your preferences while ordering from the site, and we will deliver them as your wish.