How to increase Instagram comments and likes 2022

Working on the increment process of Instagram engagements is not rocket science for today’s generation and media. Starting from sharing your thoughts to using several hashtags are tens of tactics to deal with our achievement goals in 2022.

Do you want to know, what are the tricks that could lead you to achieve the skyscrapers of your dreams? We will present you with some gimmicks that are already checked and balanced by our professionals. Moreover, these undertakings help you to boost the comments and the likes on your posts.

  1. Target the Memers Community

Nowadays, memes are a hot topic and in this hectic life, everyone deserves relaxing moments.

  • Sometimes we overlook the fact that the sole purpose of social media was to entertain the audience
  • Funny content never fails to get more traffic for you and your profile
  • Always try to settle on a most pertinent meme
  • Relevance encourages people to comment their thoughts, liking and sharing with their families and friends
  1. Stickers Plus Stories: A Perfect Combo toEngage your Audience

Engagement with your followers or newly joined viewers is both easy and difficult. But do not worry, Instagram has recently manufactured a feature in which we can engage with people in a fun manner. Like:

  • You can set polls, quizzes, questions, emojis and countdowns to encourage people
  • The topic sticker is the best way to sign up for concentration
  • AMA’s can also turn out to be healthy
  • Collect all the statements your story viewers have questioned
  • Make sure you answer all the questions that have been asked by 100s of people

This will give you brand new directions.

  1. Double your Comments by Replying to the Existing ones

If someone finally comments on your post, you have a free hand to double the comments with your replies.

  • Go to your post and check out every comment
  • If there are any questions, answer them
  • If there are any praises, be thankful for them
  • If there are only claims and you don’t know what to say then leave a relevant emoji

These moves will turn out the best moves in the increments of comments for you. People also like the those who do not ignore them and reply with every possibility.

  1. Graphical Quotes

Different motivational and emotional quotes are the mood of that speech which nowadays, is gaining more and more recognition.  

  • Write and edit a quote or emotional plus educational saying to connect with people
  • Lovers of a poetic taste will definitely come forward to like your effort and share their thoughts
  1. Trend, Music and engagement go Side by Side

If you share a trending music of clips you will definitely witness a strong wave of engagement. People love to hear trends and they want to stay cool while sharing their views on that particular notes and rhythms.

  1. Share Your Message Through the Carousel Posts
  • Carousel posts are the margin of posting a total of 10 photos at a time
  • Some people know how to use them effectively but some don’t
  • If you post these pictures with some basic purpose or related information then it will stimulate people to check you out
  • If your links affect the liking of people they will surely tell you about it, through comments and likes.
  1. Immediate and Direct Questions with Actions

Writing your captions while asking some to-the-point questions is one of the famous ways to become interactive. Directly ask them

  • To do something
  • To give their opinion
  • To take suggestions etc

By all these means, you will connect with your audience but make sure that your question do not seem forced or fabricated to get comments. On the other hand, it must be presented unplanned.

  1. Giveaways As Your Best Tool

All the people in this world love something or other so,

  • Choose something which is popular among a bigger community
  • Now select what you want to give away to the participants
  • Put a compulsion of like and comment on a specific post or other for the participation in giveaways
  • At the end, make sure your giveaways are authentic
  1. Take Notice of the audience’s Engagement Time

Instagram provides a feature through which you can check out the high time of engagements coming from your followers.

  • Track your audience manually
  • Enter data into an excel sheet for later use
  • Post on the average time you have noticed

Tip: Instagram average time is probably 6 AM

  1. Hashtags with Relevance

Once you post a photo, people come to check out but how? How they know that you have recently posted? Or your post is related to their interests?

  • Algorithms tend to do this job
  • But hashtags are also taking this place by being available everywhere
  • The more hashtags you have, the more visibility you encounter
  • 30 plus hashtags are the trick to make a most engaged post of your career
  1. Tagging Locations, People and Brands

Tagging these options is like the easiest work to do which brings out really catchy results. Make sure to

  • Firstly, tag people like your family, friend and relatives
  • Secondly, tag brands those are showing up inside of your picture or a video
  • And lastly, tag the location where you are going or where you were to capture this particular picture even video
  1. Comment with Comment bargains

In today’s era, commenting on someone’s post is some kind of a deal. You can enjoy this trend in this way.

  • Contact with the other group of people
  • Ask them to sign a deal
  • Continuously and consistently add a decent comment on the photos and videos of them and wait for their response
  • This way will boost both of your concerns
  1. Usage of “collab” Instagram feature

A recent update of Instagram allows you to do a post which is usually coming alongside of the same picture, video and captions. How do you think this is different?

  • It is a way of getting likes and comments from the followers of another person too
  • Your followers will also provide this benefit to the next profile
  • This collab could be with a celebrity
  • Make sure that the collaborated person is a good fit for you and that your follower like it
  1. Attract Animal lovers

In this depressing world, every other person loves animals. You can do multiple things to attract such people to your profile

  • Post photos of cute animals like cats and dogs etc
  • A cute video of them will be a golden opportunity
  • People will come and like your posts with the heart for those animals
  • They will share their loving comments for the pet kittens or puppies
  1. Q & A Sessions

Last but not least option! Conduct a post with benefits.

  • Lure people to ask you any question possible in the comment section
  • If you go live for this session then this will work as fuel to fire on this condition
  • Answer every single question you have been asked by your visitors
  • Be polite and genuine, such an attitude will win you more followers as well

According to most of the social media strugglers, this option is the most effective one.


As time changes, people, their thoughts and engagements also get affected. Instagram is continuously working on designing a better version of its system. Moreover, Instagram is updating new editions of its algorithms. Whereas, a dream of staying relevant is falling in danger. While having this problem in our mind, we are proposing plenty of tips so you could cope with these modern problems.

  1. Target the Memers Community
  2. Stickers Plus Stories: A Perfect Combo to Engage your Audience
  3. Graphical Quotes
  4. Trend, Music and engagement go Side by Side
  5. Share Your Message Through the Carousel Posts
  6. Immediate and Direct Questions with Actions
  7. Giveaways As Your Best Tool
  8. Take Notice of the audience’s Engagement Time
  9. Hashtags with Relevance
  10. Tagging Locations, People and Brands
  11. Comment with Comment bargains
  12. Usage of “collab” Instagram feature
  13. Attract Animal lovers
  14. Q & A Sessions

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