How to Get More Likes on Instagram in 2022 ?

First of all, Social buddy is your true buddy! Simply said, it takes time and effort to produce posts of a high caliber. The posts have real Instagram likes from real people.

In the end, the purpose of Instagram is to showcase your best side through the posting of relevant content. We offer a tonne of advice to get you started but only if you are ready to step up your game. Moreover, all these processes require lots of work.

New Revolution of Hiding Likes Count

Instagram began experimenting in the middle of 2019 with ‘like counts,’ or hiding how many likes a post has earned.

According to Instagram’s CEO Adam Mosseri, this action was a part of the company’s efforts to safeguard the community’s mental health on the network. The purpose was to make the user experience healthier overall and less competitive. We want your friends and followers to give value to the pictures and videos you have uploaded. Instead of the record of how many likes they get.

Our bits of Advice

Let us begin with our leading options that everyone has to take into serious consideration.

  1. Tagging the Concerned Users
  • The purpose of tagging someone, whether it be a co-worker, a new friend, or your childhood idol, is to emphasise how much you regard them.
  • As a result, the tagged people recognise your worth as well as their own value in your eyes
  1. Add Your Real-Time Location
  • Geotagging your location is a means for more people to find and like your images
  • It is more than just a chance for you to brag about your good taste
  • If your company has a physical location, it can be even more beneficial to tag
  • You can also foster a sense of community among your regular and potential customers
  1. Target the Explore Page
  • Your Explore page is made up of an interesting and lovely set of content that Instagram has especially saved for you
  • All this process comes out of a tiny magnifying glass and gets filtered to be the best version for you
  • Furthermore, brands that appear there get a lot of attention
  • You need a high rate of engagement and an engaged community to give a starter to your business
  • It also does not hurt to use any new features that Instagram is currently emphasising in its algorithm
  1. Jot down the Most Compelling Captions
  • Your brand voice and message will determine whether you should write a novel to fit Instagram’s 2,200 character restriction
  • Or keep things short and to the point with a one-liner.
  • Long or short, captions are an essential component of a successful post.
  • Great Instagram captions inspire your followers to take action by adding context and personality
  1. Hashtags on the Right Point

The use of hashtags is crucial for growing your Instagram following.

  • If you use a hashtag, your post plus story will show up on the hashtag page
  • People might opt to follow hashtags as well, so you might end up in the news feed of a complete stranger.
  • The general agreement is that keeping it under 11 hashtags is a recommended practice
  • These tags include geographical, acronym, seasonal, or service hashtags
  1. Timing Matters

Instagram does not display posts in chronological order, although “recency” is favoured by the algorithm. This means that

  • It is critical for you to understand when your audience is actually using the app.
  • Your personal analytics will help you because every brand has a sweet spot that is specific to its target demographic.
  • However, we crunched some numbers plus ran some tests to determine the all-around best time to post to Instagram
  • At the end, we found Wednesday, 11 AM, the best time for your participation
  1. Upload Your “The Best” Photos

We all know that photography is not business or any marketing tool but, it is art. And, we all have to admit that, most of the times our interest wins before our skills. On Instagram

  • There is no room for “okay good enough photo”
  • Always make sure to take your pictures in natural lights
  • Do not post random photos with no constructive meaning
  • Your photos must be charming and eye-catching
  1. Step Out of Your Bubble

You really need to go for a reality hunt if you want to emerge as someone prominent in front of your customers. Instagram requires

  • The closeness of yours with the consumers
  • It also monitors your action levels
  • Such changes can also heighten you reach


  • Step forward and build up your engagement strategies
  • Give your valuable likes and comments to others
  1. Post Your BTS

If you open up to your followers then you will be rewarded for being a little defenceless and displaying your shiny final product. Furthermore,

  • People enjoy learning about the actual struggles you go through while creating anything
  • It is wonderful for them to see what goes on during a photo session
  • Also getting a taste of what goes on BTS of other glossy shots in your feed, brings them closer to you

All these benefits and you still feel reluctant? Then we are not sure what else would convince you to hit the heart button.

  1. “Win But Hit the Like First” Contest

Planning contests might be simple or complex. However,

  • One of the easiest methods to increase engagement in a short amount of time is to run a like then win competition.
  • Please, make it confirm that your prize is appealing to your audience
  • It should also be specific enough to draw true fans rather than opportunists

For example, avoid giving away cash, iPhones, or trips to other countries.

  1. More Appreciation for UGC

Your working on the content which is usually generated through users can reward you for being a little different and authentic.

  • Engaging your audience by sharing their material is a strategy to increase the value of yours
  • For one thing, it’s exciting for the consumer to be highlighted by a company they enjoy
  • It also serves you as social proof
  • Lastly, it reassure your fellow followers that being a super fan is more than acceptable.

Additionally, it demonstrates your community involvement and honesty. Therefore, click the share button now!

  1. What People Think?

Asking a question in your caption is a typical recommendation for increasing engagement. It can do many things for you like

  • It prompts followers to leave a remark
  • Additionally, the more engaged they are, the more likely they will show their support for you
  1. Always Give Tough Time to Your Competitors

If you have Instagram enabled to show likes,

  • You might be able to observe what’s working and what’s not for your rivals
  • Keep an eye out, or even better, conduct a competitive analysis to understand their strategies
  • Keep a deep eye and try to grab things your competitors fail to fulfil
  • Lastly, evaluate the sentiments of your loyal customers
  1. Encourage People to Bring More of them

It gets a little boring to do this all the time. However,

  • The “tag a friend” request combined with the appropriate post might spark some fancy actions
  • Whether it is a clever quip or a prize, the objective is to provide people a compelling incentive to tag a friend.
  1. Memer you is the Best of you

There’s a reason why Instagram is flooded with memes and aggregated accounts.

  • First of all, people are compelled to like and share amusing gifs, meaningful quotes, and silly jokes.
  • While some memes can undoubtedly come off as childish, there are different ways for brands to join the meme trend in a clever way.
  • Just make sure the jokes are appropriate for your voice, content, and audience and don’t go overboard


In this blog we will cover the different aspects of social benefits those can help us gaining more than enough.

  1. Tagging the Concerned Users
  2. Add Your Real-Time Location
  3. Target the Explore Page
  4. Jot down the Most Compelling Captions
  5. Hashtags on the Right Point
  6. Timing Matters
  7. Upload Your “The Best” Photos
  8. Step Out of Your Bubble
  9. Post Your BTS
  10. “Win But Hit the Like First” Contest
  11. More Appreciation for UGC
  12. What People Think?
  13. Always Give Tough Time to Your Competitors
  14. Encourage People to Bring More of them
  15. Member you is the Best of you

Hope this help! Good Luck!

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