Best time to post on social media in 2022 : Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn

Data on social media and their perfect timings are the fruit of hundreds and thousands of socialistic accounts. Best timing could never be fixed and keeps on straying as the routines, mindsets, and experiences of every other person, are an ever-changing process.

Moreover, the effectiveness of these times might be different with every passing year. Social buddy has done some detailed surveys to pinpoint this year’s stats.

Statistics POVs

Almost 71% of the customers are observing relatively high usage of social networks among them than the previous years. These are the pointed arrows in the direction of the liabilities of several marketers and brands. As the impact of socialism is increasing, brands are bound to step up their games if they really want to walk beside their audience.

Furthermore, getting a useful idea about perfect timings, there are other particular things to notice

  • Multiple locations and industries are the basic camps of these data collections
  • Recorded times are usually based on central timings
  • These numbers totally depend on the count of engagements that take place is a specific hour

Across-the-board Times

  • Mid mornings of the week are the most engaging ones when we deal with overall engagements
  • The time of 9 AM or 10 AM is the nicest time between the weekdays mentioned is Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
  • Whereas, Sunday is the least suggested day for your activities.

Facebook Times

  • Facebook users get more interactive in between the early hours of mid-week days
  • Mornings of the earlier days of the week show eye-bursting engagement levels
  • 3 AM of Mondays to Fridays are the most convincing times for posting
  • Besides the other timing, noon and also 10 AM on Tuesdays are the better options
  • Saturdays are the worst days for Facebook posting

Thought about Facebook to Rely On

It’s best to post first thing in the morning because this is when people are catching up on their newsfeeds. Lunchtime is always great because it’s when people tend to have biggest gaps in their schedule. Just after working hours are affective too because people are checking out what they missed over the day” Brayden Cohen, Social Media Strategist

Twitter Times

  • Twitter statics are the most fluctuated ones though out the years
  • Almost every app is concerned with the mid-days as well as the mornings of mid-time
  • Social buddy has analyzed the situation and come to the point that the heights of its air camps are confined to ever-changing updates and news only. Moreover, memes plus viral trends hold a lot of different levels
  • Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays are the prime days with heightened and fortunate times of 9 AM.
  • For most social apps, Sunday turns out to be the most unfortunate time

Thoughts about Twitter to Rely On

People are getting started on their day. They are taking the morning to get caught up on articles. Scroll social media for news, and get their brains ready for work. Later in the afternoon people are heads down on projects of in meetings and they have less time to engage”  Nick Martin, Social Engagement Specialist

Instagram Times

  • 2020 and 2021 have been extensively arising years in the history of Instagram
  • Previous years became the base and 2022 become the year which has monthly users of 2 billion
  • If we again do the comparisons of the days no matter whether they are mid or week, we will again find the growth

Best post and growth periods on Instagram are defined as

  • 11 AM time on Mondays
  • Timing for 10 AM to 1 PM is great for Tuesdays and Wednesdays
  • 10 AM and 11 AM for the days like Thursdays and Fridays

Instagram is the only app whose engagements start to intensify during weekends and even evenings.

TikTok Times

  • TikTok emerges as one of the most disruptive app in the field of marketing
  • Having billions of users already, TikTok does not seem to stop anywhere in near future
  • 2 PM to 3 PM on the day of Tuesday is one of the best time for you to think about postings
  • If you are looking for exceptional days then the data says Wednesdays and Thursdays are the best
  • Again, Sundays are the days, you should avoid

Collection of Relevant Data: A Sneak Peak of Our Journey

  • Whenever a sane person confronts such analysis and collection, he or she think about the collection methods, tools and their authenticity. So, we are here to answer all possible questions we can deal with.
  • Believe us, you are one if the luckiest people who get to deal with social buddy and their highly managed and experienced team. Moreover, all of this information has been represented by our previously classified team.
  • Collection of real data is strictly decided to be collected randomly from thousands of people. Those selected candidates get ready their opinions and share them with our team for further studies


The concluded statement is so much obvious. You cannot blindly trust any of these suggested timings and dates. Apparently, every other person has a different mindset. Our experiences and modes of seeing things are quite distinctive from each other. Our niches and audiences are dependent on our changed mathematics. So, the best times could be drastically diverse.  

We as a whole team suggest you to do your own research before making up your mind on a specific point.

As we have already mentioned that all the audience thinks differently which means there’s no plan that fits better for all digital businesses.   

Here, in this blog we have discussed

  1. Best and worst timings for overall social media
  2. Best and worst timings for Facebook
  3. Thoughts about Facebook to rely on
  4. Best and worst timings for Twitter
  5. Thoughts about Twitter to rely on
  6. Best and worst timings for Instagram
  7. Best and worst timings for TikTok
  8. Collection of relevant data: A sneak peak of our journey

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